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Jay's MetalCrafting is a small business in Columbus, Ohio that specializes in creative metal and ironwork. We design and handcraft everything we produce from tables, stools, and shelves to unique home goods such as candle holders, plant hangers, jewelry trees, and wine racks. All items are entirely made out of steel which we cut, hand bend, and design to create a one-of-a-kind item. Jay's MetalCrafting can do just about anything with metal. 

***We are currently accepting custom orders***

Home Décor

Create a space that feels like home

Outdoor Metal

Grilling has never looked so cool

Functional Designs

Give your metals a home

Custom Furniture

A statement piece that lasts a lifetime

We currently offer our services to the central Ohio area

Commercial | On-Site Welding

Need a remodel, repair, or custom design for your space? We'll come to you!

Mobile Welding & Repair Service

We agree, weathered metal looks cool, but let it go too long and it can lose its original purpose.

Whether it’s a gate that needs repaired, a fence thats starting to wobble, or rusted metal that needs a touch-up, save yourself the headache and give us a call.

We do it all!

Custom Fence & Railing

Have an idea for your residence? Give us a call. We can do nearly anything with fence.

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