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Jays MetalCrafting is a small business that specializes in creative metal and ironwork. We design and handcraft everything we produce from furniture such as tables, stools, and shelves to unique home goods such as candle holders, jewelry trees and wine racks that only we create. All items are entirely steel which we cut, hand bend, and design to create the one-of-a-kind items that we make. Jays MetalCrafting can do just about anything with metal. 

Steel Home D├ęcor

Outdoor Metal

Unique Steel

Custom Furniture

Additionally, Jays MetalCrafting offers a valuable service to the central ohio area

Commercial & On-Site Welding

When it comes to metal we know our stuff. For commercial welding and repair our experience is unparalleled.

Mobile Welding & Repair Service

We can do almost anything you need regarding metal. Whether it’s a gate that needs repaired or welding of any kind.

We do it all!

Custom Victorian Style Fence

We can do nearly anything with fence. Custom fencing starting at $45 per foot including install. 

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Jays MetalCrafting

4025 east main street, Unit C 
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